Columbia's First Southeast Asian Zine


The purpose of unSEAled is to provide a space to share Southeast Asian and Southeast Asian American experiences through writing, art, music, film, and photography. This project is being created in collaboration between numerous organizations on campus, including but not limited to the Vietnamese Students Association, Liga Filipina, the Singapore Students Asscociation, Thai Club, and the Queer & Asian Club.

The unSEAled zine will consist of both student submissions and curated selections of prominent Southeast Asian and Southeast Asian American artists. There will both a print and online version. There is no requirement on what type of works are submitted, as long as you are Southeast Asian or Southeast Asian American. We ultimately hope to elevate Southeast Asian and Southeast Asian American voices while bringing together and showcasing our diverse communities.

During the month of October and November, we'll gradually share various student submissions (as permitted by the artist), curated selections, interviews, and blog posts on this website. Stay tuned for more and follow us on Facebook!


Oct. 4th - Submissions Open

Scroll down to the submit section to view guidelines on submissions!

Nov. 4th - Submissions Close

Nov. 5th - Nov. 15th - Editorial Phase

Our editorial board will review submissions and work with you on a final product!

Dec. 8th - Zine Launch Event

This will take place in the Lerner Satow Room at night from 7 to 10 PM. A limited set of printed zines will be given out for free and the entire online zine will be published. We'll have speakers, food, an open mic, tables featuring different Southeast Asian identities, and more!


Any work of art, writing, music, film, or photography can be submitted to the unSEAled Zine!

It does not have to relate directly to the Southeast Asian or Southeast Asian American identity. Art takes all forms, and every voice and perspective is appreciated. The only requirement is that you, the submitter, are Southeast Asian or Southeast Asian American.

There will be two different versions of the unSEAled zine: a print version and an online version. The print version will be limited to art, writing, and photography. The online version will also feature music and film. During the months of October and November, we will gradually add previews and submissions to this website leading up to the launch. As the artist, you can tell us whether or not you want this to occur with your piece in your submission form!

All writing pieces will be reviewed by an editorial board who will work with you to finetune whatever you submit.

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Grandfather Died Today: a short story
Submitted by Jing Hwan Khoo

Jing Hwan Khoo is an NYU student from Malaysia, majoring in Philosophy and Computer Science, and minoring in Creative Writing. He likes to think about stuff and sometimes he makes them into a story when he thinks they aren’t half bad. He also does web development so that he has “a real job”.

View the full piece here!

From “America’s Got Talent” to a Doctorate in Musical Arts
An Interview with Alexander Le Bui

Vietnamese-American concert pianist, Alexander Bui, is a first prize winner of the Lillian Fuchs Memorial Chamber Music Competition, a two-time winner of the Esther C. Weill Music Competition, “America’s Got Talent” semi-finalist and a prize-winner of the Steinway & Sons Piano competition and is known for sensational performances throughout his piano career.

View the full interview here!

Knowing: a short story
Submitted by Milaine Thia

Milaine Thia is from Malaysia and is a junior in Columbia College studying English. Milaine enjoys reading about the dangers of late-stage capitalism and writing what everyone else thinks is very sad poetry. In her spare time, she cooks Malaysian food in her single dorm room and thinks about what Shakespeare would have to say if he was still alive. This piece is a fictionalized account of a real life incident.

View her full piece here!

The Mutilation of Our Mother Tongue (Pt 2.): an interview with Tyler Nguyen
Conducted by Jade Onn

In Part 1 of his submission, Tyler shared an original poem written in response to a new educational curriculum in Vietnam that risks seriously altering the Vietnamese language for future generations. This is the accompanying article written by Tyler, detailing the way this new system works to change the way Vietnamese children read, write and visualize their mother tongue.

View the interview here!

The Mutilation of Our Mother Tongue (Pt 1.): an interview with Tyler Nguyen
Conducted by Jade Onn

Tyler Nguyen is a Freshman at Columbia College, majoring in Financial Economics. He is from Michigan U.S. but spent 11 years in Ho Chi Minh City. The following poem and its translation was written in response to alterations in the Vietnamese language, caused by a new education curriculum being tested in Vietnam. Tyler also explains the significance of this traditional Lục Bát form and why he chose it.

Part 2 of this submission, an accompanying essay which delves into the system that is currently altering the pedagogy of the Vietnamese language, will be published next week.

View the full interview and poem here!

Expressing Identity through Painting: an interview with Celia Bui Le
Conducted by Kevin Le

Celia Bui Le (Columbia College ’22) is a first-year student initially from Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) but currently in Mississippi. She is interested in linguistics and is an avid painter. Here, Celia discusses several of her paintings and how making art functions as a method of expressing her identity as a queer and Asian woman.

The painting pictured here is one of Celia's many works! More will be released at the Zine launch.

View the full interview and more of Celia's works here!


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This is a project currently being led in collaboration by the Vietnamese Students Association, Liga Filipina, the Singapore Students Association, the Thai Club, and the Queer & Asian Club. Interested in cosponsoring or collaborating to ensure proper representation of your voice? Just have questions or concerns in general? Reach out to us!